MBot GridII+

An Improved Version of
MBot Flagship
Desktop 3D Printer GridII

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MBot Cube

Simple Open Design
Clean and Waste-free Building Process
Print from SD Card Instead of PC

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Ever best,Never compromise
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Build Whenever and Wherever
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Inherit classical design
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Hackers' selection with feelings
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Hey! Maker Faire
As a celebration of the Maker Movement, Maker Faire is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.It fathers together tech enthusiasts,, craters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors.Makers come to show their creations and share their learning,glimpse the further and …
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MBot 3D printer in CHAPPIE
  Now days, 3D printer has become a common item in many Sci-fi films,especially when it comes to robots-themed. From BIG HERO 6 leaded by soft robot Baymax to CHAPPIE leaded by iron robot Chappie, 3D printer seems to be a household appliance for a scientist. What surprises me is there is a MBot 3D printer in Deon's house! Wow! How exciting to see the familiar…
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MBot Fab Truck
To cultivate 3D printing education field in Taiwan,MBot 3D has lauched a "Fab Truck" program in May. As the first 3D printing performance touring around middle schools, MBot Fab Truck is aimed to providing teenagers with an access to 3D printing their innovative ideas to intagible objects.Till now, Fab Truck has hold 5 experiential events, five sessions among te…
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