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Change Log

2019/12/23 MPrint 2.1.0

1. Change print setting panel, fix many bugs in setting;

2. Add Grid 2+, Grid 2+ Dual, Grid 4S, Grid 4 Dual, Grid Pro printers.

3. And Gcode Preview

4. Fix many bugs.

5. Upgrade slicer engine to latest version.

6. Add software update function.

2018/12/19 MPrint 2.0.10

1. Update new UI

2. Add T480S printer


1. Add Grid 4 Dual, support dual head Grid 4 printer.


1. New MPrint 2.0 release


1. MPrint is upgrade only for Windows OS
2. Added Slic3r Slicer. It only supports a single head
3. All MBot3D printer with motherboard Atmega 2560 able to print from PC via USB connection. MBot Grid II+ and MBot T480 will detecte automatically. Rest of other model need to select manually
4. MBotslicer and Slic3r both will show approximate the filament consumption and printing time
5. Added calibrate print size function
6. Added model viewing by holding right button on the mouse and move the mouse to view
7. Added cooling fan setting on MBotslicer
8. Creating custom profile bug is fixed
9. Optimize slicing and printing process


1.MPrint is upgrade only for Windows OS
2.The slicing engine is optimized, speeding up slicing by two times
3.Time estimation of slicing is deleted
4.Parameters of raft printing is optimiazed


1.Add the new function building plate auto commissioning to MBot Grid II+ SH ex factory after Dec 2015
2.Renamed Grid M to Grid T480, and modified certain parameters
3.Added user manual and user help to software
4.Fixed several bugs


1.The new version is for Windows
2.Some printing paramaters are adjusted
3.Some bugs are fixed


1.Fixed bug in maximizing models
2.Cube Dual(17) is available now
3.Models can be scaled at the original aspect-ratio even without "selecting all"
4.Fixed bug in the conflict between "selecting all" and "adding shortcut keys"
5.Fixed bug of immovability of extruder and plate when canceling online printing
6.Added reminder of checking a new version
7.Added machine dynamic configuration and display of the current machine type
8.Added GPX configuration file
9.No support to online printing from Cube and Grid II any more


1. New function: parameter can be saved.
2. Bug fix: a suspend won’t ruin a online-printing .
3. Bug fix: easy change of param-set between single head and double head printing. 
4. New function: Instant alert if the model extend beyond the operation interface.
5. New function: Fracture surface repair for Meshfix Model.

6. New function: printing pause when Z-axis reaches the determined position.  


1.Software is updated to Mprint1.1.0  
2.Parameter is optimized, including the default parameters of printing temperature and switch of fans in specific printing stages.
3.The exported file generates a default name same as the input name. 
PS: file of a single model is named as stl format, and file of multiple models is named as MultiMesh.x3g or MultiMesh.gcode format.
4.Precision of rotation angle reaches to 0.1degree.
5.Multiple models can be processed simultaneously, including moving, rotating, and scaling the models synchronously.


1.New upgraded software Mprint 1.0.5 is accessible.
2.New functions of Cube series are added.
PS:  Manual operation is needed for selecting Cube Series model here since the hardware don’t support automatic identification of Cube series yet.
3.Printing bug of Mbot Mini are fixed.


1.Updated to MPrint 1.0.4
2.Fix bug:During building,the status bar stops at 99.9% while the print is completed actually.
3.Fix bug:Dialogue pops up below the main window.
4.Translation mistakes are fixed.
5.Support more machine models.

1.Updated to MPrint 1.0.3 programming with C++.
2.New UI.
3.Automatically recognize connected printers.
Note: Recommend updating to MPrint1.0.3, in order to get better printing experience. It is in beta test, only the simplified Chinese version available. The connected printers with GRID2 firmware can be recognized, and will suppoort more soon. If it doesn't work, use ReplicatorG to generate GCode.

1. Fix GCoder generator error in Win32. 
2. Fix Dual printing setting.

1. Update mg fast gcode generator with a user friendly interface of configure.  
2. New software boot splash image.