About Magicfirm

Magicfirm, founded in 2009, is the first 3D printing service provider in China. Magicfirm is committed to providing integrated solutions for architectural design, industrial design, film and animation, surgical procedures, mechanical design, education, and other industries, quickly turning concepts into accurate physical objects. It is Magicfirm’s belief that even the perfect drawing is not as intuitive as a touchable object. Rapid prototyping equates to increased profits, and 3D printing is the key to rapid prototyping.

Comprehensive Business with Promising Prospect

According to its analysis of market demands and development potential, Magicfirm focuses on developing and manufacturing desktop 3D printers as a major business while providing 3D printing services, as well. Meanwhile, Magicfirm is an international branding agency—an authorized dealer of 3D Systems Corporation (headquartered in America) and Creaform’s handheld 3D scanner (based in Canada) as well as the exclusive partner of the American NextEngine 3D scanner in Greater China. More than half of its revenue is generated from selling 3D printing hardware. Magicfirm has become one of the prominent 3D printing solution providers in China.

High-Quality Products and Services

Based on the open source 3D printer, Magicfirm has developed and manufactured the MBot personal 3D printer series. Our goal is to democratize low-cost desktop 3D printers, bringing convenience to designers, engineers, scientists, and even amateurs. Magicfirm has optimized the structure and performance of desktop 3D printers and software to provide more rapid and accurate 3D printing with a smoother user experience. By learning from customers’ requirements and feedback, we are continuously improving the performance of our machines. Also, thanks to our solid reputation within the industry, we are able to build long-lasting international partnerships with companies like Microsoft and General Motors.

Professional Technicians with Advanced Technique

The majority of our technicians have a master’s degree in a related field. We are young, active, creative, and good at developing and marketing personal 3D printers. We keep abreast of all the latest technology trends and inject significant capital into innovation. As a result, we have established long-term cooperation with Hong Kong University, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, and other education and research institutions. Magicfirm applied for patents to cover the technology on 3D printer optimization, our core competitiveness, with considerable technical and economic value.

Company History

• September 2009: Magicfirm was founded by Jin Tao, Zhang Kai and Zhang Shuai.
• November 2009: Provide WOW gamer character model customization service using Z Corp’s Z510 3D printer.
• April 2010: Start offering 3D printing services for design companies and students.
• June 2010: Become the official reseller of Z Corporation products in China.
• May 2011: Production starts on the first generation MBot 3D Printers.
• November 2011: Sales start for the MBot 3D Printers.
• January 2012: Form a partnership with NextEngine in China.
• April 2012: Research begins on the second generation of MBot 3D Printers.
• April 2012: The 100th MBot 3D Printer is sold.
• May 2012: Become the official reseller of BFB in China.
• May 2012: Start providing 3D models online.
• August 2012: The MBot Cube is released.
• September 2012: MBot Cube begins to sell in the market.
• October 2012: The 100th MBot Cube is sold.
• February 2013: The PVC version of the MBot Cube is released.
• May 2013: The MBot Cube II is released.
• September 2013: Magicfirm attends TCT Show in the UK. 
• November 2013: MBot Grid II released.
• April 2014: Magicfirm’s office and factory moves to the Binjiang district of Hangzhou.
• July 2014: The Educational Department sets up a 3D printing lab in the Hangzhou Youth Palace.
• June 2015: Magicfirm launches its 3D printing education program
• July 2015: Participates in the e-Nable program

Business websites

Official Chinese Website: http://www.Magicfirm.com
3D Printing Services: http://www.3d-print.cn
MBot Desktop 3D Printer Store: http://www.mbot3d.com
3D Printing Education: http://www.x-teach.com