MBot Grid Pro

An industry level 3d printer for printing engineering materials.

The Grid pro is an Industrial Grade 3D printer specifically developed to let you as a professional rapidly produce customized high-strength parts. Choose between Nylon, Carbon and ABS for your functional prototypes and end-use parts such as tools, jigs and fixtures.
Quick Change
A new feature of the Grid Pro is the SwiftTool™, which enables the user to replace the tool head in under a minute. The SwiftTool™ family includes tool heads for different print resolutions, as well as for different materials. Now the machine comes with 0.2mm 0.4mm 0.6mm 0.8mm tools.
Based on unique three-induction build platform leveling system, Leveling of Pro is accurately controlled by mechanical induction other than visual inspection. With instructions to follow, leveling becomes simpler and smarter. A smart compensation system is introduced. According to the distances between the nozzle and three check points on the build bed, Pro can compensate height difference and tilt angle by moving Z axis automatically when printing. Thus, nozzle won't rub, model is less likely to warp, and draft can be easier to remove even when the build bed tilts.
As an industry level desktop 3d printer, it must come with a heated chamber. With the heated chamber, the Pro can support industry material easily to give good performance parts. Carbon fiber reinforced polyamide, Polyamide, Para-aramid fiber reinforced polyamide are perfect supported.
The Grid Pro user can choose from a line of carefully selected high-quality filaments that comes with associated plug-and-play filament profiles.
* (Carbon fiber reinforced polyamide) proCarbon is a material with high stiffness and high tensile strength. It is ideal for functional prototypes that are exposed to tough environments, as well as end use parts such as jigs and fixtures in a production setup. With a hard-coated SwiftTool™, ensuring that not even abrasive materials can slow down your printing process.
*(Polyamide) proNylon is a material for use where low friction and flexible yet strong part are needed. It is also resistant to most chemicals. Ideal applications range from bushings and pulleys to electronics casings where resistance to the environment is a priority.
Health and safety must be the highest of priorities at any workplace and the Grid pro is designed to be quiet and safe. Through an innovative filtering system (HEPA and active carbon) that removes ultrafine particles and odors you can print safely with any material.
The new MPrint 2 have builtin CuraEngine as the slicer , the GCode generate fast just 2-3 seconds, and the great 3D printing community product give the best path for printer.
MPrint 2

MBot Grid Pro Printing Experience

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MBot Grid Pro Specifications
Print Resolution ±0.1-0.2mm Layer Resolution 0.05-0.4mm
Build Volume 260x225x200mm Nozzle Diameter 0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8mm
Extruder Temp. 190℃-260℃ Build Speed 50-200mm/s
Materials PLA/ABS/Carbon/Nylon/TPU Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Data Input USB Memory/SD Card Control Panel 3.5 inch fullcolor touchscreen
Shell Sheet metal Printer Size 445x445x455mm
Shipping Box 540x540x600mm Shipping Weight 30KG

Printing Software

MPrint 2.0 Supported File STL
Operating Systems WIN7/10/Mac OX