MBot Grid IVs
Start your 3D printing farm.
MBot Grid IVs is an improved version of Grid IV 3D Printer. It connected to Magicfirm Spark Cloud, power by spark3d, you can manage your 3d printing farm easily.
The new Spark Cloud 3d printing system, it can help you to manage printers from several to hundreds of. Spark 3D www.spark3d.io
Competent to build high-resolution models. An additional cooling fan is installed to improve extrusion stability. With a more efficient cooling system, motor keeps cool even after long-time working.
Full color
Touch screen
Grid IVs come with a 4 inch full color touch screen, improve the operate experience. It support USB memory.
The new MPrint 2 have builtin CuraEngine as the slicer , the GCode generate fast just 2-3 seconds, and the great 3D printing community product give the best path for printer.
MPrint 2

MBot Grid IVs Printing Experience

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MBot Grid IVs Specifications
Print Resolution 0.1mm Layer Resolution 0.1-0.4mm
Build Volume(Single-head) 235x210x190mm Build Volume(Dual-head) 200x210x190mm
Extruder Temp. 210℃-260℃ Build Speed 50-120mm/s
Materials PLA/ABS Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Data Input USB Memory/Cloud Control Panel 4 inch fullcolor touchscreen
Shell Sheet metal Printer Size 405x405x405mm
Shipping Box 520x520x620mm Shipping Weight 23KG

Printing Software

MPrint 2.0 Supported File STL
Operating Systems WIN7/10/Mac OX