MBot GridII+
Until Good Is Better
MBot GridII + is an improved version of MBot flagship desktop GridII 3D printer. This 3d metal printer features several upgraded components based on user feedbacks, to enhance superior performance and user-friendly experience.
Based on unique three-induction build platform leveling system, Leveling of Grid II+ is accurately controlled by mechanical induction other than visual inspection. With instructions to follow, leveling becomes simpler and smarter. Especially for MBot Grid II+ SH, a smart compensation system is introduced. According to the distances between the nozzle and three check points on the build bed, Grid II+ SH can compensate height difference and tilt angle by moving Z axis automatically when printing. Thus, nozzle won’t rub, model is less likely to warp, and draft can be easier to remove even when the build bed tilts.
Grid II+ comes with a Filament Monitor, an add-on that detects problems while printing. When the printer is out of filament, or the filament is broken, it pauses machine, and alerts you to re-load material. As the failure caused by material is avoidable, the possibility of print failure is reduced.
Grid II+ is equipped with towline cables to protect X-axis motor wiring and limit switch wiring, which can effectively avoid abrasion failure when wires moves frequently on small-radius bends following the print head. Thus machine life can be prolonged.
Build plate is fastened with magnets, which makes your prints easier to remove, and helps protect the mechanical structure of the printer. In addition, MBot Grid Ⅱ+ 2016 Edition is equipped with BuildTak, which is a thin, durable, and heat-resistant plastic sheet that adheres to the print bed. It provides an optimal printing surface for 3D objects of ranges of material to adhere to, while allowing for a clean, easy removal of completed builds.
Competent to build high-resolution models. An additional cooling fan is installed to improve extrusion stability. With a more efficient cooling system, motor keeps cool even after long-time working.
In order to increase its robustness and durability, while reducing shipping risk, metal parts are added on MBot GridII +.
Green Materials Supported ,away from toxic elements. (Compatible with ABS)
Better compatibility, Easier operation

MBot Grid Ⅱ+ Printing Experience

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MBot GridII+ Specifications
Print Resolution Low-0.3mm/Medium-0.2mm/High-0.15mm Layer Resolution 0.1-0.3mm
Build Volume(Single-head) 235x210x180mm Build Volume(Dual-head) 200x210x180mm
Extruder Temp 210℃-260℃ Build Speed 50-120mm/S
Materials PLA/ABS Power Requirements 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 150W
Data Input SD card/PC(x3g file) Chassis Sheet metal
Control Panel


Single Button Control

XYZ Bearing Igus self-lubricating bushings
Stepper Motor 1.8℃step angle with 1/16 micro stepping Printer Size(Maximum) 405x405x405mm
Shipping Box 520x520x580mm Shipping Weight 33.5KG
Printing Software Mprint Supported File Types STL
Operating Systems WIN 7/10  Mac OX