Inspire Creativity, Shape Furture

From teenager innovation curriculum to professional engineerning lab, 3D printing is becoming popular and essential part in education. Magifrim LLC has launched a teenager education program TEACH to incorporate 3D printing into classes in primary and middle schools. Meanwhile, MBot 3D printer offers a special discount to universities.

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Rapid design, High productivity

MBot 3D printers offer reliable solutions for speeding up product prototyping and shrinking cost. Especially when it comes to high innovation oriented and quick improvement required project, the 3D printed samples, from architectural mock-up, to machinery accessories, could enable engineers and manufacturers to test and improve their ideas all in house.

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Product Prototyping
Creative Design

Visable Concept, Touchable Creativity

Nothing makes a better impression of your concept than a physical model. You can extend your concepts to everyday physical items with a MBot 3D printer, customizing unique gifts for the special, or making unique decorations in your house and office.

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