3D printed pen-holders designed by student from TEACH Center
3D printing is no longer far away from us anymore. It's not a news from the furture, actually, it is shaping the furture in the teenagers' education now. Magicfirm LLC has lauched a 3d modeling and 3D printing education brand TEACH. Integrating the advantage of self-de… View Details>
3d printing education in primary school
In order to introduce the latest educational idea and the most advanced equipment, we will provide you with a one-stop learning and experience. From August 15 to 20, Henan lezao Network Technology Co., Ltd. Was invited by a Primary School in Henan And the lecturer Cai Qi have had… View Details>
Every life deserves protection
His name's Freddy, from Brazil. He lost 85 percent of his turtle shell after encountering a fire hazard. Because of his serious condition, There was little hope to be alive. But the animal protection drganization called"Animal Avengers" decided to help him. They designed a … View Details>
Low Carbon Pioneer Event — Innovation Compitition in 3D Printing Architecture
The theme activity of the 7th CCDE——”the little low-carbon pioneers”Innovation compitition holds at International Convention Centre in Chongqing.The theme”my low-carbon world” invites students to create low-carbon environmental protection works in group using advanced 3… View Details>