• 3d printing education in primary school

In order to introduce the latest educational idea and the most advanced equipment, we will provide you with a one-stop learning and experience. From August 15 to 20, Henan lezao Network Technology Co., Ltd. Was invited by a Primary School in Henan And the lecturer Cai Qi have had a training activity for a week.

The primary school has been committed to training innovative talents , not only to provide a good learning environment for students , but also cultivate a large number of zealous teacher.During the week's training, Mr. cai gave lectures on 3D printing technology and education, 3D model drawing, modeling and printing, the introduction and construction of Makeblock robot, programming software learning and so on.

 Under the guidance of experts and professors, we have mastered the whole process from design to print and printed a lot of finished products such as vases and hollowed-out pencils. We also designed robots programming to manipulate our own ideas.

Through the training, we have greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the majority of teachers. They have a profound understanding of the importance of education, and said that education and teaching process will use Internet technology, 3D printing technology and other open source platform in the future to stimulate Children's imagination and to encourage people to transform their own ideas into the real things.