• 3D printed pen-holders designed by student from TEACH Center

3D printing is no longer far away from us anymore. It's not a news from the furture, actually, it is shaping the furture in the teenagers' education now.

Magicfirm LLC has lauched a 3d modeling and 3D printing education brand TEACH. Integrating the advantage of self-developed MBot 3D printers, and the strength of reliable partner Auto desk, and ZheJiang Univeristy Innovation Education Center, TEACH has developed a all-in-one 3d design education solution from software to hardware, from course design to teacher training.

Seeing is believing. Let's take a look at one TEACH course design: pen holder.

Firstly, teacher will explain how to use 123D to design a 3D model.

And then, before 3D modeling, students can draw a outline on paper.

The last step is to 3D print.

Colorful filament of green material PLA allows a safe and creative design.

A pen holder can be more than a holder of pen, but also a holder of orignal spirit, creative thoughs, and enjoyful memory. 

MBot3D printer makes the holder touchable.