• Customizing Beer Festival with MBot Grid II+ 3D printer

Beer is good!

Beer is not just about drinking, but also about MAKE and SHARE. And with a MBot Gird II+ 3D printer, beer festival can be more than beer gathering, but also creative design feast.

MBot3D printer has joined the first Hangzhou Wonderful Beer festival,sharing people how 3D printers can make beer more wonderful.

Here we show how MBot 3D printer make special mugs, goblets, bottles,  and unique opener, supporters, decorations... A beer maker can finally inject the idea of his/her beer into the beer container.

You can print a special shaped opener, it's more than a model, with a coin in the slot, the plastic opener do open a bottle.

The goblets and bottles 3D printed by MBot Grid II+ SH attracted a lot of attention.

The skull bottle is printed by MBot Grid II+ SH with white PLA, The transparent bottle is printed by MBot Grid II+ SH with transparent PLA. We got plenty of color.

All the items are pretty easy to print and the cost is affordable. More importantly, MBot Grid II+ 3D printer can reach a high printing resolution. That makes customizing beer container feasible.

Compared to other material printing, FDM printing with PLA is most cost effective, especially during the prototyping process, there's no need to worry about the cost of making too many samples. 1kg PLA only costs 24USD, that could print a dozen of skull bottles...why not print all your ideas out and select your choice finely!

High time for the winemakers to shape a special bottle for their brand. MBot 3D printer is here to unlock your prototyping ideas at low cost with fantastic memory record.

The big mug is 3D printed by MBot T480, got attention from many beer makers

Thanks to the ring of jewelry maker Ashui, we made a 3D printed fish-bone into a so cool earring. Ashui believes she can bring more interesting accessories later with a 3D printer. As a beginner, most of her current works are handmade, but some are still too complex to make. 3D printer might make them alive from her designing book.

Ashui was so excited to see the fish bone printed by MBot Grid II+ SH. The flexible joints and chains are all shaped once without assembling.

If you got a MBot 3D printer, don't waste its potential! Solid something special and let your ideas stand out NOW.