• 3D Printed Photo Mania in Alibaba Employee Welfare Activity

We are excited to be invited to the employee welfare activity "If you are shy to say it out, why not...?" held in Alibaba Hangzhou (BinJiang District).

With our MBot3D printer, we held the stand themed with " If you are shy to say it out, why not photograph?

Why 3D printer rather than camera? 

Because we offer 3D printed photo.

Wow? Hard to take a clear picture. Because you have to admire the  photo like this:

Because the 3D printed photo is like a thin piece of engrossment. with light, the beauty comes out.  

To bring light to the picture, we designed a photo frame to fix a little globe. Another frame picturing the mascot of this activity is added to add  three-dimensional sense.

The 3D printed photo turned out to be popular. We help to print hundreds of photos with MBot3D printer after the activity.

If you already have got a 3D printer, you can make a 3D photo now.

Step1: You need a photo first of all. The backgroumd of the photo can not be too complicated, so a close-up selfie would be a perfect choice.

Step2: Use Cura to transfer the photo to a stl 3D file. Make the whole thickness 2mm, and the raft 1mm, so that the transparency and texture can be perfect.

Step3: Use Mprint to transfer the stl file to x3g file, and put the file in SD card.

Step4: Put the SD card into MBot3D printer, then you can await the 3D photo.

And only with light, you can see through the fantastic beauty of the photo

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