• MBot3D printer in Pitch Night@STANFORD

As sponsor of the Smart Hardware themed event, MBot 3D is honored to be invited to the Graduate Community Center to join the the Cardinal Pitchers Club @ STANFORD.

Six smart teams, Aromyx Corporation, Citirine Informatics, Deimos, Farmhub, Sereneti Kitchen, and Zoltan, shined gorgeously in the activity of 200 attendees, bringing their smart devices including disposable biosensor EssenceChip, comprehensive data platform, smart pepper spray, connected weather station for agriculture, robot chef Cooki, crafted smartwatches.


All the marvelous smart ideas won great applause, and let's see how Mayor think?

I'm absolutely a fan of tech.( I guess he must have said so as an opening line, LOL...)


Activity sponsor MBot 3D printer has always been there backing up the convention from inspirations to objects. As our slogan yelling: Made in the future! In the future, everyone is a maker. In the future, everyone is a designer. In the future, everyone makes the future different! And how? Here we got a 3D printer for massive consumers: MBot 3D printer! 

3D printer was born for designers and makers, helping speed up the design process and make prototypes more conveniently. Now MBot 3D printer is devoted to making 3D printer a typical household machine which people can download or custom-make all the various 3D stuff they can buy from nowhere, cool gadgets, unique accessories, or creative toys, just name it and print it!