• New Arrival: Formfutura Filament

Formfutura, the Dutch filament manufacturer has authorized us to resell their whole-line filament. Based on the mutual belief in the game-changing tech of desktop 3D printing and the common mission to make 3D printing affordable and reliable for all individual, we are going to promote the Formfutura filaments to our MBot 3D printer users, helping them to unlock the limit of PLA filament and bring their creation alive.

Formfutura filaments are famous for their high quality standard with respect to the high printing quality, unsurpassed mechanical properties and professional applications. We are delighted to introduce the MBot 3D printer’s favorite filaments here:


A revolutionary FDM-optimized engineering ABS with strongly improved mechanical properties and better printing performance.  It perfectly solves the problems of warping, and weak layer adhesion and unstable filament flowing behavior.

A professional engineering filament based on a industrial-grade modified ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) compound. It’s featured with UV & heat resistance and high strength, it is a perfect engineering filament for outdoor and automotive applications with great thermal stability,color stability.


A amorphous and high strength modified PETG compounded filament. It is featured with high strength and low shrinkage. Besides the high mechanical properties, the multiple options of transparent, semi-transparent and opaque colors are also popular among designers.

FlexiFilTPC and Crystal Flex

FlexiFil™ is a rubber-like Thermoplastic Co-Polyester (TPC) filament. It will bring your 3D print a  “flexural memory”, allowing objects to return back to their original position after being bent, dent, or folded. It is a perfect combination of flexibility and strength, high resistance of temperature , UV and chemicals. 

Crystal Flexis a plexiglass-likeflexible filament. It is as clear as Polycarbonate filament, allowing 91% of visible light pass through its fibre. Meanwhile, it has a shore hardness of D65, that is, it can be bent up to 175% without causing white stress marks after bending. Besides, Crystal Flex™’s water absorption is only 30% of that of ABS, meaning that there will be less evaporation and therefore prints are less likely to warp. 

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