• MBot3D lauches new material M-CF

PLA( Polylactide) is a new biodegradable thermoplastic material derived from renewable plant resources (such as corn starch), which is of low shrinkage, low shape memory temperature, and easy coloring feature. Its good physical properties guarantees smooth print surface and colorful options. So PLA has been a favorite 3d printing filament.

But as 3D printing are applied in more and more industrial, pure PLA could no longer meet all appetites, that’s why MBot3D are introducing more kinds of filaments with different mechanical properties.

Since regular PLA is not strong enough, and ABS is easy to rupture, which greatly limits applications in mechanical demand. MBot3D has introduced high price-quality carbon fiber material, M-CF. Mainly mixed of carbon fiber and  PLA. M-CF Featuring increased impact strength, and low shrinkage, is the best choice for models requiring structure toughness and print resolution. That is, the M-CF material release no pungent odour, and doesn’t wrap or fault. 

Most importantly, suggested printing temperature is 210 to 220℃, works well with most FDM 3D printers. We have tested it with MBot Grid II+, MBot T480, and MBot Cube KIT, and it proved to be great. Additionally, its matte texture is also a classic feature of mechanical parts.

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