• Trick or Treat? Prepare for the Halloween Day

Trick or treat? Definitely treat! But what can be new? With a 3D printer, you might have more choices.

I'd like to share my preparation for Halloween Day here

Pumpkin lantern is of course necessary,and never forget skulls either, especially for those who admire pirates spirit of adventure and freedom. BTW, I'm a fan of One Piece, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Aha...Can you tell which Marvin is more cool? 

Or ask the witch...

Anyway, you can always find something breathtaking to make with a 3D printer. If you don't have one yet, don't miss on the last ten days of MBot3d special treat . Input the discount code "TCT2015"  to save up to 179.85USD.

You deserve a MBot 3D printer for your Halloween Day!