• Wish all kids and adults a happy June 1!

Wish all kids and adults a happy June 1!

Kid or adult? why not be a kidult? it's not about age or experience,  it's about a innocent heart, curious  mood, and vigorous imagination. 

Definitely I have to put away my childish ways to maker room for my child's ways, but we are all in the same way to pursue fun, because we all love making toys.

Yes, today I'd like to show my air vehicle army.

First comes the historical model "Wright Flyer" from 1903.

A cute style of B52 bomber without murderous look.

CH47 Chinook carries along illustrious military success to USA army.

Touchable F117 NIGHTHAWK stealth fighter. LOL..

The Model of "Kirov Airship" in the Command & Conquer Red Alert, desinged for war.

The first aircraft across Atlantic Ocean "Saint Louis Spirit"

Strong seaplane with 8 engines.

Air bus A380, famous for his largest passenger capacity.

Well, Toys can be more than toys.

The making process is easy, and full of childhood fun. I downloaded the models from thingivese.com, and print them out with MBot Grid II+ SH 3D printer.  Assembling and telling the models' stories cannot be more meaningful for us.

Cheese! A group photo of my FRIENDS!

We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing. Let MBot 3D printer carry your childhood with you!