• 3DPrinterKart partnering with MBot3d tap into Indian 3D printing market

Indian 3D printer reseller 3DPrinterKart has partnered with MBot3D to promote all series of MBot3D printers in India at discounted price domestically. 

3D printing has a wide range of applications in various industries, especially widely used in architectural and educational cases, and developing consumer products such as toys,electronic products, arts, accessories, etc. Nowdays the trend is  rapidly shifting towards industrial & manufacturing application owing to growing awareness and declining prices for industrial 3D printers.

It seems that the 3D printer is becoming a common office tool as paper printer, especially the FDM 3D printers at low cost. This breeds a huge market oppotunity in India, a country with big population and commercial potential.  In addition, as Indian government initiatives to boost domestic manufacturing sector, many of the hurdles hampering the industry will be removed, and  3D printer market is going to thrive along with the great improvement of Indian manufacturing. Humbly but confidently, MBot3D printer will make a difference during this process.