2016 is coming!  Established in 2009, Magicfirm,LLC has been with you for seven years. From providing integrated solutions for designers from architecture, animation, mechanical,  and … View Details>
Santa is coming... ...with Christmas gifts...   ...down to your yard. You must be in high Christmas spirit now. And you still nee… View Details>
MBot Grid II+ 2016 Edition is available in December, 2015. There are several upgrades based on user feedback for MBot Grid II+, the MagicFirm’s flagship. It remains robust metal chassis and enhances superior performance… View Details>
We are excited to be invited to the employee welfare activity "If you are shy to say it out, why not...?" held in Alibaba Hangzhou (BinJiang District). With our MBot3D printer, … View Details>
Thanks to family and friends, we get love. Thanks to ourselves, we become better. Thanks to Thanksgiving Day, MBot3D gets a chance to express our gratefulness to all MBot3D printer fans and us… View Details>
Where there is creative smell, there is nose of MBot3D. Even though the Oakland Mini MakerFaire just lasted for 1 day, we met a lot of enchanting things there. If you could make anything, what w… View Details>
Trick or treat? Definitely treat! But what can be new? With a 3D printer, you might have more choices. I'd like to share my preparation for Halloween Day here Pumpkin lantern is … View Details>
In TCT show Birmingham, we met a lot of students from local universities. They showed great interest in our 3D printer and their application. Majoring in engineering, designing, or business management,… View Details>
Join us in Hall 3A,Stand G15, MBot3D printer is right here waiting for you.  Whether you are an expert industrial user, a professional looking for the current state-of-the-art or a cutting-edge consumer wh… View Details>
As sponsor of the Smart Hardware themed event, MBot 3D is honored to be invited to the Graduate Community Center to join the the Cardinal Pitchers Club @ STANFORD. Six sma… View Details>
We are thrilled that MBot Grid II+ 3D printer rank 8 among the Top Ten on TopTenReviews. This website focus on the needs of buyers by developing content that is unbiased, credible and thoroug… View Details>
2015 World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference and Expo has closed successfully. Many kids came to learn 3D models designing and printing in MBot TEACH Experience Center. We guided children to ma… View Details>
The 2015 World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference and Expo,sponsored by the World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance and China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance, will be held in Chengdu, capital of Sic… View Details>
As a celebration of the Maker Movement, Maker Faire is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.It fathers together tech enthusiasts,creaters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, sc… View Details>
2015 Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition is hold during April 17th to 21th. Industrial tools, hardware fittings, automatic control systems,etc will be showcased during the exhibition, which will brin… View Details>